Analyzing Focus Time Should Be The Top Priority For Companies — How Can You Audit It?

News Related to Focus Time

  • CEO Reed Hastings doesn’t subscribe to a fully remote working culture: ‘It’s about how we’re most productive — Netflix thrives on human interaction.’ Is virtual a match for person-to-person meetings? Companies will likely adapt to a hybrid WFH/in-office setup, but they will only succeed if they use their data to figure out what will suit their employees best.
  • As RJ Milnor, Head of People Analytics at Uber, laid claim at PAFOW Europe, more leaders are realizing that understanding the dynamics of their team members is crucial for operating a business. It’s all about using your data to improve your productivity.

It’s Time to Focus

  • Email analytics — email is a sensitive topic with regards to privacy. So here is how we approach this: data is aggregated at the team level, and we do not analyze text. Instead, we focus on interaction frequency — the number of emails generated internally and exchanged externally, is this fragmenting time and causing a superfluous distraction? If you are interested in improving internal communication culture, look into email data and calendar data for a comprehensive overview. Cure your communication overload.
  • Privacy is at the core of what we do — and here is how we we deal with data privacy for passive collaboration data
  • We became a part of the Kickstart cohort and we are entering the Swiss market, piloting our analytics with a couple of key players on the market.
  • We have new metrics and improved collaboration metrics for our G Suite Analytics, Salesforce Analytics, and Webex Analytics



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Jan Rezab

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