Distractions are killing our focus — It’s your job to fix it

  • Microsoft Teams and Slack lets us down — Microsoft Teams was first — down all morning yesterday — and Slack quickly followed suit (usually it’s MS Teams imitating Slack, not vice versa!). Dumbfounding during these pandemic times, and unacceptable for businesses.
  • Google Meet is free for now, but watch this space — Google has extended its free policy, postponing plans to implement charges on calls over 60 minutes until March 2021. Why not? They have the money — but are notoriously known for making services free, then monetizing them once they’re mass market. Sigh.
  • Even Hillary Clinton runs out of minutes — Zoom time limit too low for you? You are not alone, Hillary Clinton’s Zoom free limit almost hit zero on national television. She said she would upgrade. One more client for Zoom!

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A peek behind the scenes

  • Salesforce integration — our metrics link collaboration behavior directly to ROIs. Measure the ROI of your communication strategy and identify how to boost revenue.
  • Org Chart Premium — Our simple builder is always free, but our premium version will have added features to enhance the organisation of your employee network.



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Jan Rezab

Jan Rezab

Founder & CEO of @timeisltd, Founder of @Socialbakers Productivity, social media, SaaS, life, yoga