People Analytics in the Remote Era: Up Your Game!

  • Darren Murph, head of remote at GitLab, on HR predictions for 2021 — “The burden for productivity will shift further towards leadership. This requires an end-to-end tool, workflow and communications audit to ensure direct reports have what they need” and are able to “share work early, often, and transparently.” I wish every company had a Head of Remote with these objectives!
  • Help Your Team Beat Working-from-Home Burnout, Bobbi Thomason, PhD says: ASK questions. Not all employees are going to let you know how they’re doing. Enable REAL flexibility. Working from home ≠ flexible hours. Encourage mental breaks and quality time off. Logic, right? Yet so important to remind ourselves, managers, to do that.
  • The Future of HR Tech — Rick Hammell, the Founder and CEO of Elements Global Services, shares his top priority for 2021. Numero UNO: the well-being — both physical and emotional — of his employees. Research shows mental health is taking a nosedive during COVID-19. The fear, frustration, and the anger is piling up for employees trying to juggle work with family. Curbs on freedom have also spurred unprecedented levels of depression among the workforce.

1. Conferences, the mainstay of networking, evaporated. How did we react?

2. We zoomed in on product development

3. Space to innovate vs. answering your 300th email of the day?

4. Onboarding during a pandemic? Find creative ways to expand the internal network of your new hires.



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Jan Rezab

Jan Rezab

Founder & CEO of @timeisltd, Founder of @Socialbakers Productivity, social media, SaaS, life, yoga